New Year, New Projects, New Tools

IMG_6935We are now well into 2016, we’ve already created a new trail up at Craigieburn, with more new projects coming up, back into the Wharfedale Track soon and got some new toys (tools!) for more trail toiling/creation/tweaking – thanks WMC Trail Tool, loving the new version with the long handle!

Thanks for all of your support throughout 2015, we’re looking forward to bringing more of the same plus some new stuff in 2016.

We really want to say a BIG UPS to all of the trail fairies and volunteers out there who give up their time to spend time soil toiling on local and further afield trails – this can make the difference between an okay ride to grins from ear to ear! Also to the people who dedicate many hours of work that goes on behind the scenes (thanks TrailFund NZ and others), mostly volunteer, to make things happen. Much of the trail work, whether or not contractors are involved, requires a lot of background work before any rake or trail tool hits the ground…so THANKS!

We always love your feedback, positive or otherwise, so keep it coming. It’s from this feedback that we make sure we are creating/maintaining trails that you love to ride!

It’s the start of a New Year so thought it was time we got blogging! This is our first post, hope it works!

Bring it on…happy trails!

Scott and Emma

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