No.8 Wire…

Sometimes ya just can’t find what you’re looking for off the shelf…that’s where Kiwi ingenuity, the pioneering spirit, N0.8 wire thinking comes into the fore. We’ve had this a few times and have put our thinking caps on…

First challenge:
We have a small excavator, that is, 1 tonne, and we need a tilt bucket. Not just any ol’ tilt bucket; it needed to be robust yet lightweight and with 45° each side of tilt to be the perfect trail building tool. Not exactly in high demand., so…Scott created one! From many initial drawings to the finished bucket, we have exactly what the brief required and are stoked with the result.

Custom-Made Tilt Bucket for Excavator

Second challenge:
Bought a brand new Stihl 460 Scrubcutter, noticed that the bottom plate, where you sit the machine down on, was already showing signs of wear…and this is just from being on the shopfloor! So…one piece of checker plate later, some careful shaping and reverse riveting and we have a protection plate to rule all others!

One custom-made protection plate!

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