Perfect for the job!

We sometimes get comments from people like:
“Why take a digger through a track…? The digger will make the track too wide.”
“Using a digger will have an adverse affect on the surrounding environment”
Fair enough…
But, our Little Yellow Digger, the mighty Yanmar SV08-1a, is perfect for trail building and getting into tight, hard-to-reach spaces and places. Not only is it narrow (it goes from 680-840mm wide, the width of handlebars), it is also lightweight with rubber tracks that have a minimum impact on the immediate and surrounding environment. We also make a conscious effort of ensuring we leave any trail or area we work on as “untouched” as possible.
Sometimes doing work by hand is definitely the best way to go…we do this too! But with the minimum impact of the Little Yellow Digger, it is definitely worth getting the machine onto the trail or site to get the work done quickly, efficiently and with little fuss!
These photos show the minimum impact and are from our latest work on the Wharfedale Track in April.

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