World First on the Wharfedale!

Scott Walker of T5 Contracting is the first person ever to drive a digger the entire way through the Wharfedale Track, from Townshend Bridge to View Hill. Quite the feat considering it goes 1.8km an hour!!!! He has said he probably wouldn’t do it again… (the whole drive thru, I mean, not the project!)

So, this means that the final stage of the Wharfedale Track project has been completed. Many a root ball removed, trail re-aligned where necessary, drain cut, warratah removed, wasp stings all in the name of trail fun…grins and giggles! We’ve received some fantastic on the work we have done over the last few years in there, it has been awesome to be a part of it.

HUGE THANKS must go out to North Canterbury Cycling Club for ther energy and time in the background for making this happen, DoC for giving us Jim Henderson (!!), Trail Fund NZ/New Zealand Community Trust and The Southern Trust for their assistance with funding…and to everyone who has been a part of the project with us!

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