Hogs Back & Dracophyllum Flat Track

The Hogs Back track was one of our initial forays into backcountry trail building and to work closely with the, then, Castle Hill Community Association, in forging a line through from Broken River to Castle Hill Village is one of our early highlights.

We also worked on the realignment of the Dracophyllum Flat Track to get the track into more manageable and rideable terrain.

With the Hogs Back and Drac Flat realignment completed, the trail network in the Craigieburns is now extensive. Weekends up the Hill now are buzzing with families, weekend warriors through to the hardcore taking in what this fantastic area has to offer.

Check out the Hogs Back and Dracophyllum Flat Track area and environs here:

IMG_0684 IMG_0687 IMG_0690IMG_0686

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