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We love our Little Yellow Digger so much, that at the start of 2015 we replaced our original one, with a brand new one…exactly the same model.

The Yanmar SV08-1a is the perfect machine for confined space operations and particularly suited to building single track – our specialty!

Our Ultra-Mini Excavator, the Yanmar SV08-1a, is lightweight, compact and powerful; all ensuring a high-quality end result with minimum impact. For residential work, the SV08-1a is the ideal option for confined spaces due to its compact dimensions, is low-impact and is easy on the environment. This machine is also ideal for trail/track work (which we specialise in) – narrow width + light weight + rubber tracks = minimal disturbance to the surrounding area to create the line.

= 1,036kg with rubber tracks
= minimum impact

= 680mm wide!
= confined spaces

= 10HP, 7.7kw!

The SV08-1a manoeuvers through gaps of only 700mm with a vehicle width of only 680mm! Perfect for confined spaces, on pipelines, renovations and electrical trenching in otherwise difficult to access locations.


Trail-Blazing Adjustable Yanmar TracksTracks
The tracks are adjustable for the job. The track width adjusts between 680mm and 840mm. 

The variable undercarriage allows for left and right tracks to raise and lower independently to correct the machine’s angle on slopes and steps.

SV08 Rubber Tracks

The Yanmar rubber tracks, along with the narrow width and light weight of the SV08, are the best option for minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
Particularly important for sensitive ecological and residential areas.


Other Machinery and Plant:

Custom-Made Tilt Bucket for Excavator – this has made trail creation and construction that much easier and more efficient.
60kg Plate Compactor…perfect for trail construction in getting the finished surface, to not only look good, but      withstand the test of time, weather and use!
Hydraulic Rock Breaker – no need to carry a separate power pack, it works with the digger hydraulics – perfect for      backcountry use.
Power Barrow – a huge help in moving large loads around when needing to build up or armour trails.
Scrubcutter – no weed is any match for our new Scrubcutter. Trails are much easier (and less messy) to work on when the line is clear.
Chainsaw – we are fully certified for using a chainsaw in the backcountry – a necessity when working in DoC country.












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