Private Work

Word of mouth on how mobile, efficient and capable the little SV08 is has been working wonders. We’ve had a variety of work on private jobs – a couple of small projects on hillside properties where manoeuvrability and ease of access was key, along with an on-going project at the Love property just off Dyers Pass Road (see the Testimonial page) – creating an access trail to a strip of native bush for maintenance.

Digger on trail

The SV08-1a is lightweight, compact and efficient yet incredibly powerful – it is the ideal machine for accessing and working in residential areas where space is generally at a premium and the need to leave the surrounding area as undisturbed as possible is necessary. At only 680mm wide (at its narrowest) our digger can access behind houses for “delicate” work and with our trenching bucket we can get a pipeline sorted quickly and efficiently, saving you shovel-time and blisters!

Perfect for tight spaces
Perfect for tight spaces
Narrow doorways? No problem...
Narrow doorways? No problem…
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