Ashley Gorge Tracks Project

At the Ashley Gorge Tracks Project we’ve enjoyed the great pleasure to work with Scott and Emma of T5 Contracting to get our track formation done with more efficiency and to a higher quality than we expected. And with Scott, you can guarantee the bonus of a good dose of fun along the way.

Here are 5 good reasons why the Ashley Gorge Tracks team is happy to keep working with T5 Contracting:

  • Experience: Scott is an experienced user of back country tracks, so knows what makes up a good one that will last. His knowledge and advice have led to a much better end result.
  • Efficiency: He has good gear and knows how to use it.
  • Reliability: Emma and Scott are a very straight up team to work with. If they take a job on it will happen and on time.
  • Passion: Scott takes on the project as his own and surprises us with the efforts he goes to, beyond the agreed scope of the job.
  • Fun: Expect a fair bit of this to add to the pleasure of completing your project with T5 Contracting

John Burton | Manager Ashley Gorge Tracks Project